Managing Committees (Constitution and Extensions) U/s.18 of Waqf Act 1995

File No Date District Locality Subject
04/Mdk/MC/2016-Z-II 24-11-2016 Sangareddy Bilalpur, Kohir Jama Masjid, for a period of (2) years
58/Hyd/C/2011/Z-1 23-08-2016 Hyderabad Azampura Masjid-e-Sahifa, period (3) years.
29/ADB/K/2004-Z-II 22-11-2016 Nirmal Nirmal Masjid-ek-Khana, Period (3) years.
C/27/Mdk/K/2015-Z-II 22-11-2016 Sangareddy Sadasivpet Old Graveyard, Period (2) years.
11/Hyd/C/2009/Z-1 21-11-2016 Hyderabad Panjagutta Masjid-e-Bi Saheba, Period (2) years.
07/MC/MDK/2015-Z-II 21-11-2016 Medak Medak Town Madad Mash, Period (2) Years.
17/Hyd/C/2008/Z-1 20-09-2016 Hyderabad Saifabad Masjid Afsar Jung, period (2) years.
24/Hyd/C/2008/Z-1 18-08-2016 Hyderabad Karwan Masjid-e-Asar-e-Shareef period (2) years.
19/Hyd/C/2016-Z-1 14-10-2016 Hyderabad Mahboob Chowk Jamia Masjid Chowk – period (2) years.
32/Hyd/C/2007-Z-11 13-10-2016 Hyderabad Machili Kaman Masjid-e-Mohiuddowla, period (2) years.

Appointment of Muthawallies

File No Date District Locality Subject
10/Z1/T/Hyd/11 07-04-2014 Hyderabad Ziaguda Graveyard Imampura
18/Z1/T/Hyd/2014 29-07-2015 Hyderabad Nampally Dargah Hazrath Yousufain Rh.
19/Z1/T/Hyd/2009 28-06-2016 Hyderabad Talabkatta Masjid Fateh Shah
05/Z1/T/Hyd/2009 17-11-2016 Hyderabad Nampally Dargah Hazrath Syed Shah Khamoosh

Other Proceedings

File No Date District Locality Subject
R1/01/MDK/Rent/2016 22-11-2016 Siddipet Gajwel Construction Of Shadi Khana. Land handed over.