Administration of WAQF Board

  • The Central Office of Waqf Board which is located in the State capital Hyderabad is mainly responsible for the administration of Waqf Institutions and its attached properties spread over entire State. The Inspector Auditors are posted at District Head Quarters under the Control of D.R.O’s to look after the administration of District Waqfs. Nevertheless the Board at its pleasure used to constitute District Waqf Committees consisting of prominent persons of the District to extend their support to the Inspector Auditors in discharge of their official duties and to have proper supervision and control over the Waqf Institutions. The District Waqf Committees constituted are honorary in nature.
  • At present the administration of the State Waqf Board is being looked after by the Competent Authority, i.e. Secretary, Minorities Wlfare Department.

Administration of WAQF Institutions

Waqf institutions will be administered by Muthavalli’s or Committees appointed by the board