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In the erstwhile Hyderabad state, all religious matters including Endowments and Waqk Institutions were being administered and controlled by the Department of Ecclesiastical Affairs known as Umoore-Mazhabi.

The Central Wakf Act 1954 was approved by the Parliament on 31st May, 1954 and the said Act was extended to Hyderabad on 15th January, 1955 and to the whole of AP on 1st April, 1955.

The then Raj Pramukh (Nizam) established a Board to look after exclusively the affairs of Waqf under the name and style of Muslim Waqf Board by notification No: 90 dated: 13-01-1955 published in Hyderabad Gazette which became effective from 15th January, 1955.

Wakf Act 1995 came into force from 1-1-1996 replacing the old Wakf Act 1954.

AP State WAQF Board was constituted under provisions of Wakf Act in July 1996. Andhra Pradesh has the distinction of being the first State in Country to have formed elections rules under this Act and conducted elections and thus the APS Wakf Board has the distinction of being 1st Board inthe Country to have been constituted under the provisions of the new Act.

Under the provisions of Wakf Act 1995 the Waqf Board is a corporate body having perpetual succession.

Objective of WAQF Board